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All you need to know about the hematite ring

Hematite means ‘blood stone’ and it is an element of iron/metal, which is why Hematite is an essential stone to work with during your spiritual journey.

Why was Hematite called ‘blood stone’?

Because, when it is found naturally, the iron content is covered in rust which makes it look red. In Ancient Rome, Hematite was a popular stone for decorative purposes. Jewelry, weapons, and even armor decorated with Hematite were traded widely. The dark color was thought to be especially intimidating or protective. But aside from the literal meaning or translation, there also are spiritual meanings and wisdom to tap into.

hematite ring meaning

Meaning of hematite ring is balance. The harmony stone hematite when set in a ring brings many metaphysical attributes into your life. It is a grounding stone that keeps negativity away from you. Hematite in a ring can prevent evil energies from touching you.

Magnetic Hematite Ring: The Ultimate Grounder

When we feel like our lives are getting out of hand, we like to turn to our old friend - the magnetic hematite ring.

You see, a lot of the pain in our lives comes when we allow our judgment to be clouded or we are simply under the influence of low-frequency vibes constantly. And when this happens, we can see the issues in all aspects of our lives, physically, emotionally and even our very thought process can worsen.

So, what can you do when this happens? How can you get from here to the fulfilling life that you always desired? It’s simple. Balance is the key. However, restoring balance is hard. Unless you have the right tool to help ground you.

hematite ring for men

What are the benefits of using crystals for anxiety and grounding?

When you are out of balance, there are multiple reasons why you could be out of balance.

Perhaps you are attacked by low-frequency vibes and you simply lack protection. Or you might be living in the “what could be" world of anxiety, which can often give you a false perspective on reality.

Sometimes, even all of your chakras can be out of whack. But, whichever it is, we know that the crystal world offers a solution to your issues. Especially when it comes to any of the above-mentioned issues. Who wants to deal with those, right? That’s when the benefits of crystals for anxiety and grounding come into play.


Because there are so many of them for each crystal. However, hematite remains our favorite because of its many benefits. Here is why:

  • Strong purifying energy, yet gentle when dissolving blockages. -
  • Calming energy that will help you remain calm during the biggest storms in your life.
  • Protects from low-frequency vibes.
  • Helps in relieving anxiety.
  • Mostly used for balancing the Root Chakra.
  • A grounder that will keep you in the present moment.
  • Helps to manifest your dreams into reality.
  • Shows a more realistic view of the bigger picture.

Hematite Ring: What Does It Mean If It Breaks

broken hematite ring

This is a unique scenario, but when a Hematite ring is done with its work in your life, it can break into two or more pieces. You should then gift these hematite pieces to people who need it such as in your family or friends. When your hematite ring breaks, it can also mean that the negativity it absorbed was too much for the stone. You need a new or different stone to protect you from here on. To prevent this, you must cleanse hematite rings frequently.

What is a hematite ring used for?

rainbow hematite ring

Hematite is a crystal that is not used for making water elixirs because it contains metals.

Hematite is an anaemia healing crystal that helps to heal blood, strengthen blood circulation, stabilise haemoglobin, protect from different blood illnesses and heal problems with balance.


What does hematite symbolize?

Special Qualities. Hematite has very strong grounding energy; you can feel that just by holding the stone in your hand. It also has a cooling and calming effect, as well as helps develop concentration and focus. Overall, hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong, and grounding.

How to use a hematite ring?

how to use hematite ring

Like any crystal, you have to know how to take care of your hematite and how to use it.

The first thing that you have to do when you get your crystal is to cleanse it with sage, salt or on new moon moonlight. We like to use sage because sage can purify just about anything from your crystals to your body, soul, mind, workspace, and home.

Bear in mind that hematite absorbs and transmutes negative vibes, so it’s also necessary to cleanse it often, or at the minimum once a week. Next up, is meditating with your magnetic hematite ring.

Like any crystal, even though it is in the shape of jewelry, it’s good to set up a connection with your crystals and feel their energy vibrating with your own. Take deep breaths, and focus on the sensations that the hematite is sending through your body. And now, your ring is ready to be worn. By taking these steps you are maximizing the efficiency of your crystal healing tool.

Be careful though if you have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant because you shouldn’t wear any kind of magnetic jewelry!

 hematite ring men

Benefits of Hematite Ring for Men

If you’re a man, wearing hematite ring can attract many goodies into your life. It is a stone for balancing your life. Regardless of what your zodiac sign is, hematite ring will be good on you if you want to use it for the following uses.

  • Courage with Hematite Ring Hematite ring is a sign of courage.
It instills you with inspiration and passion by working on your physical, emotional and spiritual strength. It enhances your blood circulation to make you feel strong. Those who are anemic or suffering from chronic fatigue will find speedy cures with hematite ring. ·     
  • Success and Winning in Career
Men who wear hematite ring will attract wisdom into their life. Winning opportunities will open up in their career. You will find yourself focused in the career. Your decisions will strong, just and ring. Hematite ring enhances your career if you’re a professional and academics if you’re a student. ·     
  • Calmness Wearing Hematite Ring

Do you suffer from hot temper? Perhaps you find it hard to calm yourself down in stressful situations. Wear a hematite ring and your worries will fly away. It brings you relaxation and calmness by grounding away your negative thoughts. Hematite ring is ideal for positivity and good thoughts. It stops negative self-talk too.

hematite ring women

Benefits Of Hematite Ring For Women

If you’re a woman, wearing hematite ring can bring many benefits to you. Already have it? Let us tell you the specific ways to benefit your life by using hematite rings in specific ways advised by experts. Ready to know it all? Let’s find out!

  • Confidence with Hematite Ring
Your self-faith and belief will rise up once you start wearing hematite ring. It fills you with willpower, confidence, and courage. For a woman, wearing hematite ring on the dominant hand will attract leadership and authority.
  • Grounding Stress with Hematite Ring Tired of tiredness? We get you.
All you need to do is wear the hematite ring when you go to sleep. You will wake up energized and without fatigue. It has the ability to dissolve tensions, worries, and anxiety for women too. ·     
  • Hematite Ring for Psychic Protection

Trying to shield your spirit from psychic attacks? Perhaps you are cursed or hexed. Don’t worry. Wear the hematite ring over you after cleansing off the bad energies. No more energy vampires will be able to strike you.

benefits hematite ring

Magnetic Hematite.

The iron content in magnetic hematite will cure blood pressure disorders and kidney problems, according to Semi-precious-stone.com. It is said to be effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells. Magnetic hematite will also regulate the blood flow in the body.

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