Octopus That Shows your Mood Without Saying a Word!

Show your mood without saying a word. These octopus plushies are REVERSIBLE!

As seen on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter these mood plushies are the new trend! It's the ideal gift to yourself or a loved one to show that you care! You can express your feelings by reversing the octopus plush to show a different emotion. There are lots of different color combinations to collect to suit your mood and style.

This cute reversible octopus plushie has two colours and expression which you can reverse it into! This cute octopus plushie is perfect to communicate with your partner your mood of the day.

mood plush

What is a Reversible Octopus?

Easy to flip inside out so you can show your mood to the world. A cute reversible plush Octopus with two different expressions. These stuffed toys are the perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Valentine's Day & more!

Why should you have one?

Here are some real reviews from real customers who bought this plush

Sarah - #TikTok made me buy it!

"I originally bought this because it was so cute and i wanted to let my b/f know if I was in a good mood or not without having to talk to him. WELL! It turned out to be a fantastic emotional tool for my 4 year old daughter. She saw how i was using it to show what emotion I was feeling and now "Jelly" is her favorite stuffed animal. She uses him to show when she needs her alone time and when she needs a break from talking or, when she's just plain mad. He's soft, cute, and durable. Love it!"

octopus plushies are REVERSIBLE!

Matt - No More Marriage Counseling!

My wife no longer speaks to me. She now only uses The Original Reversible Octopus solely to express her feelings. We have returned evolutionarily to a primal level of communication and it has honestly worked wonders for our relationship. No more words, just The Original Reversible Octopus. Our kids love being around us now. Our neighbors have started coming over for dinner again. I can count on 2 hands and 1 foot how many words my wife has spoken to me this month, (11 of which were “John Stamos“ ((one word)) and they were said in a recurring dream while she was asleep so I honestly wouldn’t even count them and the other being a shriek of horror when she discovered that I had been watching late 80’s - early 90’s sitcom “Full House” starring Bob Saget without her). The time has come for you to buy The Original Reversible Octopus. Say no to real, psychologically-sound couples counseling, and say yes to communicating through emotionally binary stuffed animals!

Christian - HAPPY Wife, HAPPY Life!

I got this gift for my girlfriend because I, as many men do find it quite difficult to read her attitude and mood when we are far apart. So I gifted her this and told her that if she’s in a bad mood and wants to make sure I reach out and talk about it that this would be a sure sign and I’ll make sure to avoid bringing my stress on her or save it for later. And for the most part when it’s smiling and yellow I’m safe to live free. Get the gift, idk why you are looking at reviews you know she will love it!

reversible octopus

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