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Ear Cleaner With Camera

ear cleaner with camera

Ear Cleaner With Camera

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Discover The Best Ear Cleaner With Camera

There are actually several reasons why we’re drawn to digging around in our ears. Some people feel the urge clean them out and remove the gunk they feel is clogging them up. It also does just feel really, really good. If you want to clean your ears, though, you should do it the right way: using our ear cleaner with camera, this satisfying cleaning tool makes cleaning your ears fun and easy! Here’s why

ear cleaner with camera

  • Perfect Earwax Removal Tool: this kit features an ear cleaning camera with 720p 1.3MP HD ultra clear view which will help you easily locate ear wax and remove them.
  • Suitable for All Ages: The ear cleaner with camera is 3.9mm (0,16 inch) diameter, much thinner than the diameter of other otoscopes. It is made of safe materials for all ages, provides a safe and easier way to clean your families ears and remove ear wax!
  • 6 LED Lights: equipped with 6 small LEDs which will allow you to see clearly everywhere • Waterproof: The ear scope camera is waterproof, so you can wipe it with alcohol or water to clean it.
  • Easy Installation: Just scan the qr code on the back of the ear cleaner to download & install the app then connect the ear camera to your phone with your phone charging cable. run the app, then you can view image in the preview area.
  • 98% reviewers recommend.
3 in 1 ear removal camera


You would be surprised knowing what is hiding in your ears, thanks to our ear cleaner with camera you will really be able to see with your own eyes (in HD!) all the ear wax that does not come out of your ears. Our customers tell us every day how satisfying it is to use this tool to remove ear wax and have found several benefits since using this product. Indeed some effects of our earwax cleaner lead to improve your hearing and generally feel healthier with a professional ear cleaning. They can also assess your overall ear health.

Earwax cleaner with camera


HD Ultra Clear View

HD camera ear cleaner

With the HD camera, you can see clearer image of the ear canal and ear wax, and remove the wax safely and easily.

Soft Silicone Ear Spoon

silicone ear spoon

Use the soft silicone ear spoon remove earwax without scratching. Make removing ear wax cleaner, safer and more comfortable.

Visual Ear Cleaning

visual ear cleaning

Easy & safe entry to the ear, view in clearer perspective, now you can see earwax cleaning process. DO NOT let children operate independently!


Here’s George, a dear customer of ours who wanted to let us know his experience with our ear cleaner:

“I find that I'm taking my kids into the doctor all the time to see if they've got an ear infection. I don't recommend self-diagnosing anything, but it will certainly be nice taking a quick look to get a sense of how urgent a doctor's visit may be.

The focal length (or whatever it's called) is one inch or so, meaning that it doesn't really focus well on anything further away. So you can point this thing at yourself and you'll see a blurry image of yourself. But if you stick it in your ear, it's at the perfect distance to see things clearly. You'll very quickly get an idea of what the ear drum looks like. Get used to using it on healthy kids and then you'll be all set when they start to complain of ear aches.

This is an incredible value. I'm very happy with it, now my ears can breathe.

earwax remover with camera tool

Package Includes:

1 x Ear Cleaner Endoscope
1 x Protective Sleeve
3 x Earpick
1 x User Manual

ear cleaner with camera kit


Try the Earwax Remover Tool completely risk free for 30 days. If for whatever reason you decide you aren’t satisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund you, without any complication!

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